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The 916th Kriegsmarine is now the 260th Kriegsmarine Artillery Battalion!

Renamed for historical accuracy, the 260th Kriegsmarine Artillery Battalion replaces the 916th Kriegsmarine Infanterie in name only. The 260th will still be sent to fight the Allied invasion across several key points along the Normandy coast. The 260th will fight on multiple battlefields and see action throughout the day and all over the field. The level of intensity the unit sees along the coastline is some of hardest fighting seen by the German and Allied players alike.

The 260th Kriegsmarine Artillery Battalion represents the elite German naval forces that manned and tenaciously defended the huge artillery fortresses above the D-Day beaches. Adept at fighting on various terrain and objectives, the 260th engages the opposing force in various ways, making a large impact on the outcome of the event.

The 260th is responsible for multiple objectives, but is ultimately responsible for defense of St. Laurent and Cherbourg Bridge, which must be held to close off routes from the beaches to Colleville and the center of the field.

The commander for the 260th is Kevin "Kaos" Furger. The executive officer is Kevin "Drekmore" Phelps.

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